England unsurprisingly didn’t win their first match in the World Cup, against New Zealand. You can see more details here. However, what a night with Herschelle Gibbs hitting six sixes in an over in South Africa’s World Cup win over the Netherlands.
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0 thoughts on “Goodbye Rafa”

  1. Liverpool couldn‘t live off one amazing night in Istanbul forever, Rafa had to go, a total of 77 players and a spend £250 Million (second only to Man City and Chelsea) they look further away from league success than ever, it wasn’t just one bad season, the club is in decline and I think those still giddy from that amazing night in 2005 have finally woken up and smelt the coffee. As unpopular as Gillett and Hicks are, they can’t take all of the blame for the signings, tactics and useless rants that Rafa has made over the last few seasons.

  2. Good thoughts, certainly he’s spent a lot of money, although I don’t think, for a club our size, that he’s always been able to do it the way he wants.

    Rafa needed to go, that I agree with, the challenge is who will be next.

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