Cyberbullying does not only take place at school, it also takes place at work —and the workplace bullying appears to be worse, a new study shows.  The bullying is worse at the workplace, where online communications technologies play a very key role, according to research by Dr. Christine Sprigg, Dr Carolyn Axtell and Sam Farley of the University of Sheffield, together with Dr. Iain Coyne of Nottingham University:

The researchers looked at three surveys of employees at universities in the UK.  Of the 320 people who responded to the survey, about eight out of ten had experienced cyberbullying behaviors on at least one occasion in the previous six months.  Those behaviours include being humiliated, ignored or gossiped about.  The results also showed 14 to 20 per cent experienced them at least once a week – not unlike what kids get at schools off-line.


It is interesting to see research that shows that sadly this isn’t just a culture that teenagers have to live in, but adults are struggling in.

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