What a slow news day we must be having today, or maybe political reporting and analysis has just got so poor. The latest story: Tory leader David Cameron has changed his hairstyle!!

The BBC analyses the implications of this crucial change here.

“Several commentators noticed the change on Wednesday and had come up with their own theories for it. Some thought it was an attempt to look more masculine, but others said a left parting was more feminine.”

Daily Mail sketchwriter Quentin Letts said image was important to voters and told the BBC: ‘Cameron seems to be changing direction – which is of course a very good metaphor for what he’s doing with his party.’

It just all seems completely over the top – even if it had been advised by a stylist to engage with voters why are the BBC spending time reporting it? And it seems like it wasn’t done for any political reasons: “a spokesman said of Mr Cameron’s change: ‘There is no political significance in his decision to do so.'”
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