I’ve been reflecting a lot on delegation recently, and as I try to delegate more, what does that mean I’m actually suppossed to be doing.  Duncan Bannatyne’s autobiography ‘Anyone Can Do It’ talk about how leaders must learn to empower their staff by delegating so that they can concentrate on the big picture.

“Being free to look to the future and work out how to grow is key to building a business: it’s what a chief executive is there to do. If I had been consumed with how each manager was running their department, or had got personally involved in details like which bed linen we bought, I would never have been able to look for new sites, analyse the competition, negotiate new contracts or any of the other things that made us better and kept us competitive. If my thoughts were uncluttered by the minutiae of the business, then I was better able to see the bigger picture, to lead and problem solve.”

If chief executive means the Youth Team Leader then it means that a business will run most effectively if managers are given clear roles and responsibilities so that the Youth Team Leader can focus on impact, results and making sure that the ministry is the best at what it is good at.

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