Apologies but I have made the decision to pull the post on ‘Policing Innocence’ – CCPAS Question Its Conclusions as it seemed to me the comments were descending to a point where they were only producing heat rather than any light.  

While this blog welcomes debate (and recognises the importance of it), it seems to me that it may be useful to have some sort of guidelines.  To help with this I am going to be adopting Dave Walker’s guidelines.  Here is a summary of his guidelines:

I don’t allow comments which:


  1. Attack another individual
  2. Are posted with the main aim of advertising the poster’s website
  3. Contain allegations that can’t be backed up
  4. Contain language I’d prefer not to see on my site
  5. Are comments which the poster wouldn’t make to someone else’s face
  6. Are a load of nonsense

I reserve the right to disallow or edit comments for any of these reasons or for any other reason that might not fall into these categories. This list is incomplete, I’m sure. I aim to be fair. I will allow, for instance, comments that criticise me.

I’m aware that sometimes my moderation is inadequate.

Hope this all makes sense, and look forward to more debate and thoughts from you all.  Thanks!








Married to the amazing Sarah and raising Jakey, Daniel, Amelia, Josh & Jonah in our blended family. Passionate for Jesus, social work & sport.

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  1. I may have more to say that this at a later date (!) but for now I just want to say that it’s your blog Chris and you need to keep it in a way that suits you best. One of the joys for me about reading other people’s blogs is how very different they all are. I love reading yours because it has some of the most random information in it! There’s the useful stuff and the funny stuff and it’s all great. I hope you’re not thinking it’s not spiritual enough are you……….we are allowed to be different and express ourselves in different ways you know ;-}
    See ya soon.
    How’s your wrist/hand?

  2. I would say that your blog is fine that way it is! The only change that I could think of (and I’m being nit-picky here!), is that sometimes you don’t post for a few days, then there is a flurry of 5-10 posts in the space of a few hours. Maybe posting little and often would be better? I realise this will be down to finding a few hours spare is a rarity!

  3. I think it is around a couple of things for me: looking at the statistics it isn’t read much, basically you guys, big Dave and a few others; secondly, I don’t ever go particularly deep – it is a lot of linking to stuff from others, not many original thoughts or experiences, but I guess I am wary of how much you can blog about what happens in my job without it either sounding really boring and/or writing stuff that should probably just stay in a private journal.

    Who knows, any more thoughts are much appreciated.

  4. Well I read you blog and thoroughly enjoy what you write! I dont think you need to go particularly deep to make a blog good. The links you include are really useful and have given me loads to think about or use in my work, especially with the youth – they are things I wouldn’t have found otherwise. Your blog is really different and I love reading it!

  5. Ask yourself the question – why do I blog? The answer should tell you what to blog. To me, it never really mattered who read mine (which is probably why I now write a private one!)I was writing more for myself, some write more for others.
    Personally, I now check in here once a week, reading what strikes me as interesting.

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