I have been really enjoying starting to read Don’t try this at home. It is a series of short accounts by famous chefs of when things went wrong in the kitchen for them. So far I have read Jamie Oliver, Michel Roux, and Raymond Blanc’s accounts and it is proving to be a very entertaining read.
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  1. This is a massive debate, and no doubt Wesley Hill is getting it in the neck from all sides. I guess a question that many gay people will rightly ask of God is that if they are born with that orientation and to do anything about that is sinful (lusting after someone is equally so…), their sin, if they do not remain celibate is one of who they are not necessarily just what they choose to do.

    This is a significant barrier to becoming a Christian for a gay person, and inherently unfair for that gtoup of society as compared to middle class, middle england heterosexuals……

    Can’t think of any other area where the sin is based on who someone is rather than what they choose to do with their life……

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