Some headlines from the world of education and schoolswork:

Headteachers could have pay docked if they boycott tests: Primary school governors told they can punish principals who refuse to fulfil ‘professional and moral duty’.

Watching TV ‘makes toddlers less intelligent’: Parents, beware CBeebies: watching television makes toddlers fatter and stupider at primary school, according to new research.

Exam time: Hold your tongue, breathe – or leave: Parents should give teens space during exams, advises Marianne Kavanagh.

Left-handed children ‘struggling at school’: Thousands of left-handed schoolchildren are struggling in the classroom because of a failure to meet their needs, according to experts.

Sats boycott ‘to hit up to half of schools’: Sats tests for thousands of schoolchildren will be thrown into chaos next week as head teachers across England stage a mass boycott of exams.

General Election 2010: More freedom for schools, no matter who wins: Schools will be given more power to control their affairs under one of the biggest overhauls of state education in a generation.

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