Tim Abbott has a link to The London Institute for Contemporary Christianity about their Strategic Schools Work conference. It looks like it should be a great day. Speakers include Lee Jackson on Top Tips and Positive Partnerships; John Stephenson on The Good Book and School’s work; Chris Curtis on Faith beyond the classroom. Other guests include Rachel Gardner from Romance Academy and veteran schools worker Wayne Dixon. I’m going to look if I can go, post a comment if you might be there too.

The BBC has a couple of interesting education related news articles:

Firstly, an article based on the comments by government adviser, Professor Lord Richard Layard, from the London School of Economics, who believes the central purpose of schools should be to teach “the secrets of happiness”. He is calling for a new generation of teachers specialising in what is known as “emotional intelligence”. Definitely, this issue of schools dealing the whole of a pupils life is becoming more important. They are, to a degree, replacing what the church did in the 1900s whereby it tried to provide health, education, spiritual development etc. As this develops in schools churches need to still be involved, and for many, schools work is a way in which they can do this.

Secondly, teenagers are split on the government’s plan to raise the education leaving age in England to 18, a survey suggests. Only half thought it a good idea, as against 71% of parents, a poll for the Learning and Skills Network showed. Two-thirds of the 920 parents and 320 teenagers who responded thought financial support would persuade youngsters to stay on.

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