Headlines from the world of education and schoolswork:

Half of teachers say pupil behaviour is getting worse: Almost half of England’s teachers think pupil behaviour has deteriorated in their schools over the past five years, a survey for the Government has found.

Record number of pupils suspended: The number of pupils being repeatedly suspended from school for short periods has spiralled under a government policy to cut down the number of permanent exclusions, new figures suggest.

Sex and drugs education compulsory for primary schools: Primary school children are to be given compulsory lessons in sex education and the dangers of drugs, the Government confirmed.

Ban on fast food outlets near schools: A council is to become the first in the country to ban new takeaways from within 400m of any of its schools. Waltham Forest Council, in north-east London, is tackling the growing problem of childhood obesity by encouraging more youngsters to take up healthy school dinners.

Five-year-old caught with knife in school: A five-year-old boy smuggled a knife into school, intending to use it on one of his teachers.

Balls eyes New York’s way of grading schools: Every state school gets a grade from A to F in a new ‘no-excuses’ ranking system

Parents get the blame for naughty children: Poor parenting is to blame for a major deterioration in the behaviour of primary school pupils over the past five years, a study suggests.

The need to teach emotional health: Schools need to focus on emotional development, says Mark Johnson

New diplomas are ‘a complete flop’: The number of teenagers taking up the Government’s flagship new diplomas has plummeted to well below the reduced target figure set by ministers this summer.

Church schools ‘divide society’, according to poll: A Church of England poll shows many people think faith schools are monopolised by better-off pupils

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