There has been lots of talk at the Labour Conference, flicking through a couple of newspapers, Gordon Brown has said quite a lot about education:

Brown pledges £300m to give internet access to every UK family: The government will spend £300m to give all UK families internet access at home:

Brown’s speech to Labour party conference makes promises on education: Brown sets out series of guarantees in school standards and nursery provision

[Gordon Brown said] “So today I guarantee to parents two fundamental rights. Because every child should leave primary school able to read, write and count, any child who falls behind will not be left behind – but will now have a new guaranteed right to personal catch up tuition.”

He also promised to “keep up the pace of reform” with more academies, trust and specialist schools, “more of the brightest and best graduates becoming teachers, more investment in building schools for the future – state of the art schools for world class schooling”.

And he promised “groundbreaking” legislation that would “enshrine in the law of the land” Labour’s commitment to ending to the elimination of child poverty by 2020.

Tuition pledge for struggling primary pupils: Every child who falls behind in primary school will be guaranteed personal catch-up tuition.

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