At a time when football has focussed on Paolo Di Canio’s political views, perhaps we should have been paying a bit more attention to Tyrone Mings

Mings is a defender for Ipswich Town FC, and he did one local fan a big solid before Saturday’s match against Bolton Wanderers.  The story, which was reported on Digital Football, starts with a fan called Tris Monk, who tweeted a good luck message Mings’ way but said he was too “skint” to make the match in person

@tyronemings1 good luck today, wish i was there to watch, hopfully 3 points #skint

— tris monk (@blutris89) March 16, 2013

Generously, the player tweeted back and asked the fan if he could make it to Portman Road (Ipswich Town FC stadium). When the fan responded that he could get there, the defender tweeted:

Mings twitter


The astonishing act of loyalty and generosity to a fan was a very simple act of kindness, but has quickly catapulted Mings to Twitter stardom with his initial tweet being retweeted 5,244 times. On top of this the youngster has seen his profile rise in the media with stories from the BBC, The Sun, Metro and ITV!

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