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I’ve always enjoyed studying and reading history, but EmperorTigerstar have helped to visualise it through a map showing the allegiance or occupation of Europe for every day of World War II. Watch the slow, steady, ominous growth of Nazi-controlled territory. The map also shows the massive involvement and contribution of the USSR, which America downplayed in history classes due to Stalin’s reign of terror. Here’s what the colors mean:

Maroon: Axis Power members, their dependencies/colonies, and annexed lands.
Burgundy: Areas militarily occupied by the Axis Powers.
Red: Axis puppet states.
Pink: Axis gains during that day.
Blue: Allied powers and areas occupied by the allies.
Light blue: Allied gains for that day.
Purple colors (left to right): Finland, occupied by Finland, and Finnish gains that day.
Dark Green: The USSR before it joined the allies and annexed lands.
Green: Areas militarily occupied by the USSR before it joined the allies.
Light Green: Soviet gains for that day.

As you watch, remember that there were people dying because of the war every day, both in the red and at the fronts. EmperorTigerstar has lots of other animated history maps.

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