Tim Schmoyer posted an awesome looking idea from Ben Kraker, a youth pastor in Elmira, Oregon. He picked a day when many of his young people had a day off from school and publicised the following event:

FIRST FOUR LUNCH. Be one of the first four people to call Ben’s cell phone on Thursday night between 5 and 9pm and say the words “HOKEY PICKLE BREATH.” The first four will need to show up at 12:30 on Friday and as a group decide on a restaurant to eat lunch at. Lunch is free, and we’ll even head to Putter’s for mini-golf after lunch!

It sounds like a great event, and Ben highlights how it gave him the opportunity to hang out with some young people that he didn’t usually get to spend time with. Something I am tempted to do for an INSET day for a local school – would be interesting to see what reaction it would get.

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