I really enjoyed the assembly I lead yesterday morning at our local primary school.

I started by talking a little bit about my dad, and led the pupils into a time to share the positive things their dads do.  It made me so proud – the youngsters listed so many things: tickle fights each night before bed, playing football together, going to the cinema, cooking dinner, driving them around, taking them on holiday, helping with homework.  But what was even cooler, was I could have made that the assembly, so many young people (especially the 5-7 year olds – which may have something to do with our church visits last week) wanted to share – after 8 minutes of sharing, and listening to loads of pupils I had to end it. 

I then went on to look at what the prodigal son tells us about God the Father, and how sometimes dads are great but sometimes they go missing, or they don’t do what we hope (using some examples of my dad), but God is constant.

In the end as the pupils were so keen to share, I went around some of their classes to give them a sharing time.  As possibly my last assembly in that school, while it wasn’t crazy or super cool, it was a great assembly.

As an aside, Without Wax posted a great list of What Do Dad’s Really Want? for Father’s day.  Very funny.



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