The fantastic now has two sets of playing cards available for purchase (Secondary and Primary versions) – we’ve bought both and love using them in our youth ministry.

The concept for both is exactly the same, that using questions in a group setting allows young people to share more freely in a non-confrontational space.  Each pack has 52 cards – each with a question on, the questions are based around 4 themes:

  • About you
  • About others
  • About the world
  • About beliefs

We’ve used the cards both in school but also in our youth cafe, and found them to be a great tool for young people to get to know us as well as each other – they’re focussed on playing the game rather than answering the deep questions so they naturally reveal more.  The Primary school version (released towards the end of 2010) has 52 brand-new questions, a slightly bigger font, and simplified language.  We’ve also found that the Primary School version works well with those in year 7-8.

We’re not the only people to like them, check out this quote from Lat Blaylock from RE Today talking about the cards:

You’ve got to have these cards: a playful approach to being spiritual. 52 little pieces of thoughtfulness in fours suits. Just what I expect from schoolswork – profound, and profoundly simple, fun, and funnily powerful. Get some.

There are also a series of tricks to learn and use: card trickanother card trickcard tricks explained.

At £5 per set this is a resource that is well-worth buying – an essential tool on any children’s and youth workers bookcase.

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