FIFA president Sepp Blatter’s plans to limit the number of foreign players in a team, otherwise known as the “6+5″ rule, has received support from the FIFA board.

His plans, which would see clubs allowed to field a maximum of five foreign players, have come under a lot of criticism already.  Interstingly not just in football circles but also from Brussels, where the European Union has warned of legal action against any country which allows this rule to be implemented, as it goes against European Employment Law.  In footballing terms, many national associations, leagues and clubs also say the plan is unfair and unworkable.  Chris over at Gooner Talk is one of many who calls the idea ludicrous.

Blatter, however, is forging ahead with the idea “for the good of the game” and says he has the backing of the fans. 

But does he?  Would such a rule make it fairer for smaller clubs?  Or would it lead to, say, Manchester United, Chelsea and Arsenal buying all the best English players, or even poaching them at the junior level.

UEFA says its ”home-grown player” rule — which has the backing of Brussels — is a “more balanced” approach.  Under this rule, clubs would have to have in their squads at least eight locally trained players, defined as players who have spent three years with that club or a club in the same association between the age of 15 and 21, without any nationality conditions.  UEFA says this will make clubs invest more in local talent and give any youngsters coming from Africa or Latin America better training and education.

What do you think?  Is this merely a nice theoretical idea that doesn’t stand the test of practicality in a money driven game?  If it does go through, would it really benefit the game?

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