At the last town-wide CYPSP (Children’s & Young Peoples Strategic Partnership group) this article from the Sunday Times a couple of weeks ago was mentioned. Some quotes include:
At that time [an investigation of 277 three-year-olds on the Isle of Wight from 2004], the toddlers’ parents volunteered to keep them on a special additive-free diet. In certain weeks the children were given a daily drink that either contained the additives or was an identical-looking and tasting fruit drink. Neither the parents nor the children knew which type of drink was being given. It was found the parents reported more disruptive behaviour when the children received the additives.

According to Sally Bunday who runs the Hyperactive Children’s Support Group, 75% of hyperactive children have low zinc levels. “There is ample evidence that zinc deficiency is associated with erratic behaviour, depression and aggression,” she said. “We are increasingly worried about bad behaviour among young children in schools. There are plenty of doctors and other healthcare professionals who are aware of this. It baffles me why there is so little interest in examining the bigger picture.”
Certainly makes you think. Also leads on to the recent discussions about tuck shops at open youth groups. How can we improve what we provide our youngsters with, do you run a complete fruit and veg stall, like many schools, or do you go more for things like cereal bars etc.?
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