Roma defender Cristian Chivu was put up for grabs on eBay after a fan got fed up of his on-off move to virtually any Champions League side who would give him the time of day. The Romanian is looking to move amid rumours that the Italian club could not offer the money he wanted in order to stay at Stadio Olimpico. Barcelona, Real Madrid and Inter Milan were all said to be interested, but the news that Barca were having second thoughts led one Roma fan to take matter into his own hands.

The eBay spiel read: “If you make a significant offer you will see that he will follow you anywhere, until someone else offers more. Challenge Real, Barcelona and Inter! Have fun making a £3.5m offer, just to find out that he already has an agreement with another club. The two Becali brothers, who suck blood, are also included in the offer. No shipping costs are foreseen, all the Roma supporters will send him to you directly.”

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