Some hacks for work and life from aroudn the web:

7 Ways to Be Greener and More Productive with Your Printer – 7 ways to make your printer last longer and be greener.

How to Manage Multiple Top Priorities – Josh Griffin gives his thoughts from a youth ministry perspective – really worth going through and applying to your own context.

10 Ways History’s Finest Kept Their Focus at Work – Article looking at some of the ways in which famous people get their focus on work: for example, stop work and sit down for meals.  Go check it out.

How to deal with Email like a ninja – A guide from Who are these Guys – certainly something I’m going to be implementing in the next few weeks in my new job.

Top 10 Office Supply Hacks – Some ways to re-use office resources, including reining in hanging folders with binder clips which we’ve recently used to great effect in the office.

DIY binder clip cable catcher – Something I’m going to be trying so as to stop the power lead for my laptop always dropping down the back of the desk.

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