Some funny and interesting headlines from around the world:

‘Kidney sisters’ leave US prison: Two imprisoned sisters whose sentences were dropped on the condition that one donate her kidney to the other are released from US jail.

Naples gunshot victim sneezes out bullet: An Italian man astonishes doctors by sneezing a bullet out through his nose after being accidentally shot in the head during Naples’s new year celebrations.

Club for classic album appreciation: A number of groups are gathering to listen to classic albums – in full and uninterrupted. The London club is run by Colleen Murphy and this month’s album was by David Bowie.

Teen’s game tops iTunes app chart: A game designed by a 14-year-old boy tops the iTunes worldwide free app charts, ahead of the likes of Facebook and Skype.

‘Rubbish hotel’ opens in Madrid: A hotel made entirely of rubbish – much of it found on European beaches – opens in the Spanish capital, Madrid.

Grand piano appears on sandbank: An unlikely sight has appeared off the the coast of Miami – a grand piano sitting on a sand bank.  This was soon followed by Boy ‘put piano on Miami sand bar’: a 16-year-old boy has admitted placing an old grand piano on a sand bar in Miami’s Biscayne Bay, ending a mystery that had gripped the city.

Dutch prisoner ‘too big for cell’: A Dutch prisoner described as a giant goes to court over the size of his cell, arguing that he is literally stuck in jail.

World’s oldest woman dies in Texas at 114: The world’s oldest woman, Eunice Sanborn, has died in Texas at age 114.

Tough new smoking ban in New York: Some of the toughest anti-smoking measures to be adopted in a major city is approved by local councillors in New York.

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