Continuing my series of funny stories from around the world:

Schoolboy first to ‘name’ iceberg: An enormous Antarctic iceberg will be known as “Melting Bob” after being named by Max Dolan, aged six, from Winchester, who won the Scott Polar Research Institute competition.  Melting Bob is three times the size of Greater London with a surface area of 1,985sq miles (5,141sq km) and had been referred to by a codename – C19A.  Organisers said it is the first time an iceberg has been known other than by its numeric codename and co-ordinates.

Toilet trouble for space station: Astronauts on the International Space Station await the arrival of the shuttle Discovery – and a new pump for their broken toilet.  [And then later it is fixed]

Car firms clash over Bond credentials: A genteel disagreement about whether James Bond prefers Bentleys to Aston Martin has raised eyebrows in the world of luxurious cars.

Indonesian drops cash from plane : An Indonesian businessman scatters banknotes from a plane to promote his new motivational book.

Hostel chef wins £2.6m on lottery : A former homeless man who now works as a chef at the hostel that took him in has won £2.6m on the lottery.

German tabloid mocks UK tourists: Germany’s tabloid newspaper, Bild, has printed a list of holiday resorts to avoid – those dominated by the British.

Venice in fountain drinking drive :  Tourists visiting Venice are to be encouraged to drink the water in a bid to help clean up the famous city.

Gold cup auction sale for £50,000: A 2,500 year-old gold cup handed down by a rag-and-bone man fetches £50,000 at auction.

Britain’s oldest man reaches 112: Britain’s oldest man, thought to be one of three UK survivors from World War I, celebrates his 112th birthday.

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