Some more funny and random headlines from around the world:

  • Campaign to save Roald Dahl hut: Roald Dahl’s family launches a campaign to save the hut in which author wrote many of his best-loved stories.
  • Laughter ‘may be best medicine’: People feel less pain after a good belly laugh, most likely because of the release of naturally-occuring endorphins, research suggests.
  • Medvedev’s dance parody censored: The Kremlin says it does not understand why Russia’s state TV has censored a comedy sketch making fun of President Dmitry Medvedev’s dance skills.
  • Cat travels 17 miles under bonnet: A woman smells burning during a 17-mile drive – and then finds her pet cat under the bonnet.
  • Father delivers baby girl in car: A father-to-be delivers his baby daughter in their car after taking a wrong turn near the maternity hospital.
  • Mystery over German ‘forest boy’: Berlin police appeal for information to help them identify a teenager who appeared in the city saying he had been living in the woods for five years.
  • Pair ‘drive dead friend to bar’: Two US men are arrested in Denver, Colorado, for visiting bars and a strip club with the body of a friend in their car after discovering him dead.
  • Australian FM in Vegemite battle: Australian Foreign Minister Kevin Rudd does some fast talking to get a suspicious liquid – a jar of Vegemite – onto a US-bound plane.
  • Diabetic dog goes to twin girls: A diabetic dog finds a new home – with twin girls aged eight who have the same condition.
  • Italy parents fight to evict son: A Venetian couple seek legal help after failing to persuade their 41-year-old son to leave home, Italian media report.
  • US government bought $16 muffins: Muffins costing $16 (£10) and $10 biscuits were among the “extravagant and wasteful” conference spending by the US justice department, an audit finds.
  • Mortuary ready for resurrection: A local town council in central Turkey builds a morgue with a warning system in case apparently dead bodies come back to life.
  • Newly-wed prince ‘forgot brake’: Prince William apparently left the handbrake on as he drove his new bride Kate away in a classic Aston Martin, a royal photographer reveals.
  • Shakespeare’s sign-language debut: Sign language, hip-hop and Maori are just some of the diverse ways in which all of Shakespeare’s plays will be performed at London’s Globe theatre as part of 2012’s Cultural Olylmpiad.
  • Rihanna Carry On a ‘disgrace’: Popstar Rihanna’s scantily clad appearance in a County Down field has been called a “disgrace” by veteran TV star Barbara Windsor.
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