Some more funny and random headlines from around the world:

  • Tsunami donation left in toilet: An anonymous Japanese donor leaves the equivalent of $131,000 in a public toilet with a note saying it was intended for victims of the tsunami.
  • Electric cars for hire in Paris: Paris launches electric car rental as it aims to clear its traffic-clogged boulevards, hoping to build on the success of the Velib cycle hire scheme.
  • Pale people ‘need more vitamin D’: People with pale skin who are prone to sunburn may need to take supplements to ensure they get enough vitamin D, say experts.
  • Spanish duchess remarries at 85: Spain’s flamboyant, fabulously wealthy 85-year-old Duchess of Alba marries a civil servant 24 years her junior at a palace in Seville.
  • Two unwell after ‘killer’ curry: Two people are taken to hospital following the “world’s hottest chilli” competition at an Edinburgh Indian restaurant.
  • Hawaii makes surfing school sport: Hawaii is to become the first US state to offer surfing as an official secondary school competition sport.
  • Man ‘thought dead pal was drunk’: One of two men accused of driving around a US city with their friend’s corpse in the back seat thought the dead man was just drunk, a court hears.
  • Rare seahorse found in the Thames: A rare seahorse is found in the River Thames deep into London for the first time – suggesting a colony may be present.
  • Winds cancel world conker contest: The World Conker Championships in Northamptonshire are cancelled for the first time in 46 years due to high winds.
  • Dutch trains to get ‘bag toilets’: Dutch National Railways is introducing emergency plastic bags for passengers to urinate in as part of its first aid provision on some commuter trains.
  • Gaelic singer wins porridge title: A Gaelic singer from Edinburgh wins the coveted Golden Spurtle Award at the World Porridge Making Championships.
  • Clock ticking for leaning Big Ben: Big Ben is leaning to one side and may eventually become unstable – but only in thousands of years, according to a newly revealed report.
  • Woman gives birth after marathon: Instead of having a rest after finishing the Chicago Marathon, 39-week pregnant Amber Miller went into labour and gave birth to her second child.
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