Some more funny and random headlines from around the world:

  • Hunger Games village up for sale: The village in the US state of North Carolina used to film District 12 from The Hunger Games is to be sold at auction in July.
  • Beijing toilets in ‘two fly rule’: Beijing authorities set new standards for public toilets, including a stipulation that they should contain no more than two flies.
  • Japan’s fugitive penguin caught: A young penguin which escaped from a Tokyo aquarium is caught after more than two months on the loose in the Japanese capital.
  • ‘Oldest’ runner, 101, at marathon: The world’s oldest marathon runner is set to join more than 27,000 runners on the streets of the Scottish capital at the 10th Edinburgh Marathon Festival.
  • Pink diamond is sold for $17.4m: A rare pink diamond is auctioned for $17.4m (£11.1m) – far higher than expected – after six minutes of frenzied bidding in Hong Kong.
  • Toilet trouble for Dutch prince: The heir to the Dutch throne made a media splash by hurling a toilet for fun in a contest recently – but now speaks of his shame.
  • Grandson finds war medal on Ebay: A World War I soldier’s medal that disappeared 30 years ago is given to his grandson after he found it by chance on an online auction site.
  • Library book back after 80 years: A library book is returned to Navan library in County Meath, just 80 years too late.
  • Giant solar plane lands in Rabat: A giant solar-powered plane lands in Morocco’s capital Rabat after flying from Spain, completing the second leg of its pioneering journey.
  • Napoleon’s English letter on show: A rare letter written by the French emperor Napoleon Bonaparte in fledgling English goes on show in Paris ahead of an auction at the weekend.
  • Boring votes to pair with Dull: The Oregon town of Boring votes in favour of “pairing” with the village of Dull in Scotland and exchange visits are planned.
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