Last night on BBC Question Time the Daily Mail columnist Melanie Phillips said global warming is a ‘scam’, she isn’t the only one.  A recent article in the Huffington Post reports on a recent poll:

Just 57 percent [Americans] think there is solid evidence the world is getting warmer, down 20 points in just three years, a new poll says. And the share of people who believe pollution caused by humans is causing temperatures to rise has also taken a dip, even as the U.S. and world forums gear up for possible action against climate change.

That is down 20% from three years ago.  I find this really worrying, most scientists seem to be in agreement that the world is

A map has been published by the UK Government which explains the consequences of failing to keep climate change to under 2 degrees Celsius.  The Copenhagen Summit is crucial to seeing change happen.

I remember reading that Lord Stern had said that the economic effects of climate change could cost us more than two world wars and the great depression combined.

We must take notice of this, we must listen to the science, and we must push our politicians to ensure that the Copenhagen Summit results in a global agreement to limit temperature rises to two degrees.

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0 thoughts on “Question Time, Nick Griffin and the BNP”

  1. I disagree about it not being a normal Question Time because it was largely about the BNP and it’s policies. It *was* a normal QT, because the audience decide the questions, and arguably the BNP’s representation on QT was *the*biggest* political story of the week.

    I think the edition of QT with an audience made up of young people was a specific edition (Schools Question Time: which was also produced entirely by young people.

    In everything else, I agree with you about the BNP, Griffin and the way in which the show was managed.

    Loved this piece about it in the Independent today:

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