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I loved the recent Hythe & Dibden Parish Council Community Safety Team message from Norm and Lou, and thought you might appreciate it too:

Good evening all.

During the weekend before last some “parked” a silver coloured Renault Meganne car in the centre of St Andrews Church Car Park at Dibden Purlieu (the one with the massive FREE Public car park at the rear).

On Monday the car was still there – and by Tuesday it really was becoming a bit of a problem it being there.  A (likely to be) well attended Funeral Service was to be held at the Church on the Wednesday and the car was directly in the path of where the hearse and cortege would be passing.

The Church contacted the Police and they checked their system to trace the owner of the (by now “abandoned”) car.  The Police were unable to locate a telephone number for the registered keeper of the vehicle and, because of Data Protection and all that stuff, they were unable to tell the Church who the keeper of the car was – and they were also (despite us being Hampshire Constabulary Accredited Officers) unable to “share that information with us.

Lou and I (on one of our rare days of working the same shift) were happy to do what Community Officers and PCSO’s do in Northamptonshire – and go and knock on the door of the keeper and ask them to remove the vehicle – so, without knowing which door to go to, we started knocking on the doors of all the flats in the area – and then a few other “possible” places as well………but nobody seemed to know who the vehicle belonged to.

By the end of the week the vehicle was still in situ – so the Church contacted the Police again and the lady we spoke to on that occasion was able to tell us that the registered keeper of the vehicle did NOT live locally – so our efforts on the Tuesday had been a waste of time and effort.

Because the vehicle was “abandoned” on private property the Council were unable remove it – because it was on private property.

Lou suggested that the only way forward was for the congregation to “have a word with the big guy” – i.e. call for help from above.

Late on Friday evening the car was still in the centre of the car park.  On Saturday morning – it had gone.

Initially – everyone thought that the owner had returned and removed the vehicle (been on holiday for a week and left it there?) … but then someone spotted the car parked in Beaulieu Road – almost outside the Church Coffee Shop.

How did it get there?  It was unlikely that the owner had moved it – because it was parked on a yellow line – so he/she was hardly likely to have moved it to a location where it would attract a Parking Ticket (which it now has attached to the windscreen).  The vehicle was still locked and secure – and there were no marks on it to indicate it had been moved otherwise than it having been driven there.

It is a mystery – but Lou is convinced that “him up there” had something to do with it.  She believes in Angels (don’t ask) so she is convinced that the congregation’s prayers were answered and … “God moved a Renault”.

Miracles CAN happen and, although this by no means ranks a miracle … it does prove that your prayers can be answered.  But I think the fact that it was parked in a Church may have got the prayers answered slightly quicker than they normally are?

If you come to one of our “Surgeries” at the Church – and you see us sitting with our eyes closed – we are not having forty winks, we are seeking a little extra help with working our way through all the jobs that are taking us some time to resolve.

Enjoy your evening !


ACSO-Norman Bareham

Community Safety Officer 065

Hythe and Dibden Parish Council Community Safety Team

Married to the amazing Sarah and raising Jakey, Daniel, Amelia, Josh & Jonah in our blended family. Passionate for Jesus, social work & sport.

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