The battle has raged for quite some time now.  Adobe Flash as a staple of the web, and Apple fighting it tooth and nail with HTML 5 due to the threat flash poses to the iTunes empire.

Flash is not completely dead, and will remain on the web in some form or another for years to come.  But Adobe obviously gave up a huge piece of land in the battle yesterday when it gave up on mobile Flash.

I really have no opinion one way or the other.  It reminds me of so many other format wars that worked out just fine:

  • VHS vs. Betamax
  • CD vs. MiniDisc vs. MP3
  • Blu-ray vs. HD DVD
  • Etc.

Once the battle is over – we typically have a time of peace where things run smoothly.  For example, when the audio CD became the standard, everyone bought CD players and enjoyed CD’s as their main music format.  It wasn’t until the MP3 became available that this format was challenged.  We still use CD’s today, but they are becoming obsolete.

So I’m looking forward to a few years (at least) of HTML 5 – where people are actively working toward making it better and standardizing how we view and consume content.

Traditionally something new will come out and HTML 5 will have to fight to keep it’s place in the technology landscape. But what if we did it differently moving forward? What if HTML 6 (for example) wasn’t a new format that wanted to battle with HTML 5? What if HTML 6 was simply the next best thing that multiple people/companies worked together to develop out of HTML 5?


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