So it’s finally happened, Rafa Benitez has left Liverpool.  Rafa is a good guy, who until this season had worked near-miracles focusing on the players and fans in difficult times.    This season he seems to have made some bizarre tactical decision and his dealings in the transfer market are near unexplainable, for example the in-out of Robbie Keane, and it’s clear the dropping away from Manchester United and Chelsea is partly responsible for his exit.  In any other time he should definitely have gone for these poor results, but with our American owners seemingly bringing us into more debt and hampering any chances we had of improving, it seems wrong that Rafa has gone instead of them.

Rafa masterminded the amazing night in Istanbul in May 2005 when we stole the Champions League from AC Milan.  It will take a long time for those memories to be superseded.   We’ve had some great results over the years – it’s just a pity this year didn’t have more.

The big challenge now is to make sure key players like Torres and Gerrard stay, and that we add some other gems to the team.

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