Things like this remind me that there’s still some hope for the human race.  Boreham Wood F.C. are a football club based in Borehamwood, Hertfordshire who have major relegation issues at the moment; in a recent game against Havant a loss would have meant that they would be 6 points away from the safety margin. Lose they did, they lost 2 -1 .

But in doing so they gave an outstanding display of good sportsmanship.

Havant was 1 goal up with 9 minutes or so of play remaining. That’s when Havant kicked the ball out of play so that a Boreham Wood’s injured player – Sam Pearce – could receive treatment. When play resumed, Mario Noto of Boreham Woods collected the ball from the throw in line and booted it back to the Havant goalkeeper from near the halfway line. However Noto’s kick which was meant to be a pass to the opposing goalie beat him instead and flew into the goal.

Then came the good sportsmanship.  They did not claim the freak equaliser and run around hysterically in all directions as expected. They chose rather to allow Havant’s Wes Fogden to walk the ball from the kick-off and score a second for Havant while they just stood by.

Wow…!  Hope for the human race right ?

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