Learn more about Instagram’s brief but explosive history, from its conception to its recent $1B purchase by Facebook:

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0 thoughts on “Sunday Evening is the Web’s Rush Hour”

  1. I decided to check this out on a few websites I manage.
    On the first I was surprised to find all days were the same except a massive spike on wednesdays. Then I realised it was a university website and wednesday afternoons are free of lectures so students can play sports, or surf the web.
    So I checked another website, but I think that’s highly squeed by what days have interesting stories posted.

    You can get so much information about individual websites, it’s easy to get carried away reading into all the numbers.

    Gone are the days when I had to wait until 7pm for off-peak phone calls so I could connect to the internet, download the days e-mails, and then read them offline.

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