Andrew Rogers from Engaging Church recently posted an interview with John Sowers, How churches can help a Fatherless Generation, it’s well worth a read, here’s a little clip:

What should church leaders do when they realize kids in their communities need mentors, but they don’t have the staffing or the resources to provide them?

John: The great thing about mentoring is that it doesn’t necessarily take staffing or financial resources. It does take time and relational resources, which are more valuable. Undoubtedly, there are fatherless children in nearly every congregation in our country. And there are fatherless children and single moms within walking distance of every church. What are we doing to reach them? We talk a lot about American being “post-Christian” and in some ways, this is probably true. But one area where the fields are white is this one.

Single moms and fatherless youth are America’s most reachable unreached people group.

And once we serve them and reach them and earn their trust, they will be the most loyal members of your faith community. What pastor doesn’t want new and faithful members?

Sometimes it’s actually easier for us to send money or aid to another country. But the need is right in front of us. We can so easily be like the Priest or the Levite in the Parable of the Good Samaritan, on some important religious errand “elsewhere,” when God calls us to see and act for the person right in front of us. The fatherless are right in front of us. And according to Jesus, we are not loving our neighbor unless we love the person right in front of us.

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