I read recently that the creators of Google weren’t looking to create Google when they discovered the complex way of indexing pages. They were working on their PhD when somehow they stumbled upon the genius of page ranking; following a bit more work, bang, Google is developed.

Even more fascinating is that Google gives their employees up to 20% of their time to explore new ideas and innovation.

It made me think about how tbcYouth is structured, are we organised for innovation?  I’m really keen for my team to have freedom to explore and discover great things, finding the “next big thing” is certainly more difficult without the exploration.

It’s damaging long-term for a team to be limited in this area of growth potential. If your team isn’t freed to explore:

  • They grow bored
  • Growth stalls
  • Valuable discoveries are never found

What new insights is your team discovering?  Do they have the freedom, built into your organisation structure?

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2 thoughts on “The future impact of American culture on missional youth work context in the UK”

  1. Thanks Chris, Sally mentioned it may be worth writing up more academically for IASYM or similar but would welcome any feedback before I think about dedicating the time.

    1. Thanks Richard for the comment, I definitely think it would be worth doing, the research has the potential to have a big impact in the UK youth work sector.

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