I have been really enjoying reading the PDYM blog. There have been some really good thoughts on it about volunteers. Here’s a quote from it, enjoy and go check out the rest:

We all have positions that need to be filled; yesterday. Youth guys are always in need of leaders. But be careful! Take your time when it comes to choosing adults that will come along beside you in ministry. Spend time praying and seeking God’s direction on certain people you have in mind to be a part of your teen ministry.

My mistake ~ I did not ask enough questions. What are your beliefs? How would you handle this situation? What is your idea of ministry? Do you understand our Purpose Statement?

Rather than rush to fill the spot, take it slow and ask questions upfront. I am guilty of giving in to the panic that I felt to fill a position and to fill it quickly. I think to myself “I will have time later to sit and talk.” But because of our schedules we all know “later” rarely comes. Ask questions ahead of time.

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  1. I think a big step in the right direction is to include children, teenagers, and young adults in the church community at a significant level. There’s a place for age-oriented groups, but when these groups turn into mini-congregations, it makes it more difficult for teenagers and young adults to move on to another church and find their place in the Body of Christ.

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