A study a few weeks ago found that football teams in red are more successful than those whose home shirts are white or blue.  The research, carried out at Durham and Plymouth universities, claims that biological responses to colours affect teams’ performances.  Researchers looked at English league results since the Second World War. They discovered that, of the top 68 sides, teams wearing red won more often at home than teams wearing any other colour.

‘We see a couple of possible explanations,’ Professor Robert Barton, of Durham University, said.  ‘Firstly, over time supporters may have been subconsciously more attracted to a club wearing red, so the club has developed an increasing resource base within its community.  Secondly, there may be a positive psychological boost from wearing red, or being associated with a red team, that is reflected on the field of play. Competing against a team in red could also impair performance.’

The worst colours for home kits? Yellow and orange.   So how does that explain Brazil?

I don’t know what to make of this research.  Manchester United, Arsenal and Liverpool all play in red but they are the three biggest teams in the country – are the scientists really suggesting that they became big in the first place because they wear red at home?  If Everton wore red and Liverpool wore blue, would Everton be in the Champions League quarter finals now?

And how does this link with other leagues from around the world?  Neither Rangers nor Celtic play in red.  Nor do Real Madrid, Juventus, Inter and many other successful clubs.

What do you think?

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