Loved this post by Rob on If the UK were a village of 100 people:

The Independent carried out some research recently which I found on Start the Week – I think the title gives it away. The resulting statistics and stuff are quite interesting and you can read the whole article here.

Some interesting statistics:

  • Eight people would live in Greater London (one of them in Croydon).
  • There would be 51 women and girls, and 49 men and boys.
  • Thirty people would have a Facebook account.
  • They would earn an average of £388 a week (including part-time workers).
  • The richest 10 people in the village would receive 30 per cent of the total income. Between them, they would earn more than the poorest 50 combined.
  • 17 of the 100 villagers would be under the age of 15, while another 16 would be 65 or over (three of them 80 or over).
  • The villagers would have 118 mobile phones between them (66 of which would be pay-as-you-go). There would be 55 telephone landlines.
  • There would be 90 televisions (an average of more than two per household).
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