If you are one of the 53.2 million people currently with an iPad, there’s a good chance you’ve already developed habits related to how you best like to use your device.

The team at Infographic Labs has put together an infographic that details how users have embraced the iPadover the years, from using it while watching TV to cozying up to it in bed or even using it in the bathroom.

There’s no denying that the iPad’s popularity has grown significantly over the years — only 11.5 million people owned an iPad in 2010, but that number grew to 28 million users in 2011. Now, the Apple device makes up 65% of all owned tablets on the market.

Even though the device has experienced massive growth among different demographics and age groups, it remains most popular among male users (66%), with those ages 25 to 36 leading the pack.

Web browsing is also the top activity done on the iPad, followed by checking email (54%), reading the news (54%) and visiting social networking sites. Not surprisingly, about 70% of iPad users enjoy playing with their device while watching TV. About 57% use it while lying in bed, 25% use it while in the bathroom and 21% access it while shopping.

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