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We’re incredibly thrilled as Dibden Youth to announce that we’ve teamed up with Into Film and the UK Space Agency to be a part of Into Film: Into Space, an exciting new UK-wide project including a quite literally out of this world opportunity.

Into Film: Into Space includes many great, free activities for young people to take part in around the themes of space and exploration, with the most exciting being a first-of-its-kind filmmaking competition that offers the chance for six lucky entrants to have their winning entries screened in orbit around the Earth!

We’ve been asked to create a short film on the themes of ‘exploration’ and ‘space’.

Films that are entered must be:

  • themed around space or exploration. Outer space? Your own space? A space that you love? We mean ‘space’ in the widest sense possible, and will be on the lookout for creative interpretations of the theme.
  • up to 3 minutes in duration, including titles and credits.
  • made by young people between the ages of 5 and 19, either solo or as part of a group, in or out of school.

We’re hosting a filmmaking series of workshops as part of this project on a Friday evening.

The six chosen winners will have have their films blasted into space! British European Space Agency (ESA) astronaut Tim Peake is embarking on a mission to the International Space Station (ISS) next year, and he’ll be taking the six winning films with him, to be screened for all the astronauts on the station.

Tim is the first British ESA astronaut to go to the ISS. The launch date of his mission is currently expected to be 15 December and he will be on the ISS until May 2016. It is anticipated that Tim Peake will watch our winning films during April/May 2016, and we’ll be sure to get his reactions!

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