Interesting article over at Youthwork International:

David Suzuki, Canada’s leading envionmentalist guru, has called for climate change denying politicians to be imprisoned! Suzuki, recipient of the highest aware for a Canadian citizen (the Order of Canada) and 22 honorary degrees, was speaking to 600 students at McGill University. After making his claim, they burst into applause.

“What I would challenge you to do,” said Suzuki, “is to put a lot of effort into trying to see whether there’s a legal way of throwing our so-called leaders into jail because what they’re doing is a criminal act. It’s an intergenerational crime in the face of all the knowledge and science from over 20 years.”

Last month, Suzuki made the same claim at the University of Toronto. There, he said, “[Governments] should go to jail for what they’re not dong right now. What our government is not doing, is a criminal act.”

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