Youth workers are very good at eating copious amounts of junk food, if that’s you, check out Barnabas Piper’s blog:

When I was in college my personal food pyramid was built on a base of Coke and Krispy Kreme Donuts. I managed to stay not fat and not dead because God gave me a decent metabolism. In the years since then I have lost that metabolism but gained a wife who has taught me a curriculum’s worth about eating a healthy and balanced diet, about mixing healthy proteins with an abundance of fresh foods. As a result I am healthier now than I have been in years.

In this way, the mind is no different from the body. Too often we feed our minds with rubbish – intellectual donuts and coke. This might be pulp novels, gossip magazines, reality television shows, shock-comedy, poorly written or argued works, or simply those books and articles that propagate untruth. When we consume this type of material in quantity our minds become fat and sluggish. They gravitate only toward what is easy for them to handle and digest not realizing the damage that is being caused. The mental processing systems will be short-circuited as the arteries of the mind become coated with the plaque of anti-intellectualism and untrue thinking.

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