Interesting post over at PDYM Community on making faith last longer than the time a young person spends in the youth work.  Here are the main points as to why young people stay in the church:

    1. They must learn how to grow spiritually on their own. 
    2. Students who are given opportunities to serve in real and meaningful ways gain a vision that church is a place to serve and not simply a place to learn. 
    3. Having a mentor is another common thing you hear from adults who have stayed involved in church since their teenage years.

I think these are true – but possibly the biggest thing and it links heavily with point 1, is understanding what church is about, and what is means to be an Acts 2 community of believers.

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  1. Good for you, Chris! It cheers me enormously to read what you have written and know I am not alone. What you say is common sense and ordinary good manners according to you and me both. Would it shock you to know that I was told off for saying thank-you to someone for what they were doing for the church on the grounds that since I was not God it was not for me to thank them?
    I see the reasons for saying this – up to a point – but I doubt that the person whose eyes lit up at this unusual recognition of their efforts thought I was claiming to be the Almighty.
    At the time I took my rebuke (from one of the clergy) meekly, and thought I had obviously got it wrong. But the more I think about it, the more I think it is the Church (if indeed it is official doctrine) who is wrong on this point.
    We are having a discussion at the Lay Anglicana website on ‘clericalism and laicism’ ( where some clergy have said it is difficult to recruit lay helpers. I do think one of the reasons may be the universal need for appreciation if the clergy really feel prohibited from offering it.

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