The Telegraph is reporting that crumbling walls in a small Italian town have been filled with Lego bricks by a German artist:

Jan Vormann and his friends scoured Bocchignano near Roma for walls that had fallen into disrepair, and set to work rebuilding them with the brightly coloured building blocks.

To his surprise, the 25-year-old found that the children’s toy bricks were well suited to the job.

“At first I thought it would be a complicated procedure to fit the pieces,” he said.

“But as it turned out, the bigger plastic pieces were compatible with the smaller ones, and the Lego held itself in place without any glue whatsoever.”

But despite their sturdy construction, the artworks-cum-repairs aren’t meant to last forever.

“I tried to apply some glue, but, on the dusty patina of the stone, it would not stick,” he said.

“So I decided to just put them up like this, aware of the fact of erosion and the influence of weather.

“I like the aspect of temporariness that comes into play.”

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