LinkedIn is rolling out a fantastic update for the People You May Know feature with a streamlined user experience and improved accuracy and relevance of your recommendations:

Today, we’re excited to announce an update to our People You May Know feature that will be rolling out to users over the next few weeks. Since our original launch, this powerful feature has helped millions of professionals discover and grow their professional network with personalized and relevant suggestions of people you may know and should connect with.


What’s New with People You May Know?

The first change you’ll notice with the upgraded People You May Know feature is the streamlined user experience that makes it even easier to find and connect with people in your network.

We’ve also improved the accuracy and relevance of your recommendations. Behind the scenes, our algorithm identifies people you may want to connect with based on factors like your existing network, past workplaces, and where you’ve gone to school.  With these changes, you’ll see more relevant results as you scroll down the page.

In addition, we’ve made it much easier for you to view your results through relevant associations like company or school. All you’ve to do is to click on a logo to refine your results.

I’ve tried this out a few times and found I really like the more visual results, and that it is much easier to refine the results so that I can find appropriate contacts, I can’t wait to have this as a permanent tool.


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