What a week for Liverpool.  We’ve made a good deal in signing Maxi Rodriguez on a free transfer from Spanish side Athletico Madrid – he looks like he good be a good buy.  But the rest of our week has been disastrous.

Last season we had a fantastic second half of the season so it’s even more frustrating to have a week where we lose to Reading (getting knocked out of the FA Cup), and then to draw with Stoke in the league.  I get that we’ve had some bad luck with injuries to key players, but at the same time injuries happen and we should be prepared for the days when Gerrard and Torres aren’t available.

It’s difficult to tell how much of our failings are linked to Benitez and how much is the fault of our American owners.  Rafa’s bought an awful lot of players in the last few years, many of whom haven’t made the grade, but then he’s been very clear that the owners have given him strict limits which haven’t always enabled him to get who he wants.  It disappoints me that Liverpool, one of the biggest clubs in the world, has had to put such strict limits on the buying of players – we should be in the position of buying who we want.  The players themselves must also take some responsibility for these shocking results.  After all when they cross the white line and go on the pitch there’s only limited action he can take.

All teams struggle with odd games, just look at Manchester United’s recent form, but we’ve lost 10 out of 20 games now, we’re looking like we might not make it into Champions League next season which is just unacceptable.  However, it’s clear that Benitez is very unlikely to be fired.  After the defeat by Reading, the club’s managing director, Christian Purslow said it was “not on the agenda”. In an email to BBC Sport, Purslow reiterated that Benitez has the full support of the club’s board.  But former captain Ronnie Whelan believes Benitez should be replaced following the defeat at the hands of the Royals, “He should’ve gone a long time ago. They have got to do it now. Liverpool have not been good. They have lost 10 of the last 20 games.”  Whelean, obviously has forgotten our desperate financial situation – we don’t have the money to end Benitez’s contract early so I’d expect to see Benitez here until the summer.

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