At the moment it seems as though Benitez is looking for another win in the Champions League rather than winning the Premiership. Now I love winning the Champions League and the way that we are so often close to doing it, but it would be really cool to be a bit closer to winning the league. Following the summer with Torres, Babel etc., Pennant looking in good form, some of the older guys making a committment to the team, e.g. Finnan, Carragher and Gerrard it has been frustrating to see us play weaker teams (Portsmouth, Birmingham etc.) with a weaker line up, and therefore drop points. Now I think the league title is still well open, Arsenal are only so far ahead because of the result against Derby, but we have already played them and are four points behind them. I think the Man United v Chelsea match is key, it could be, ineffect, the end of the season for one of those two teams tonight.
Hopefully Benitez will grasp the importance of a league title and start picking the stronger team.
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