According to reports Brendan Rodgers is preparing to offer Scotland midfielder Charlie Adam to Fulham in order to sign Clint Dempsey.  The Reds have been keen on signing the American International but have been unable to agree a deal with Fulham, who value Dempsey in the region of £10million. However Liverpool hope the inclusion of Charlie Adam as part of the package will wrap up the deal .

Meanwhile defender Daniel Agger claimed he would like to stay at Liverpool but admits his future remains out of his hands:

“No, I haven’t heard anything.  That is how the club wants to do it. I would prefer to stay.  I can’t imagine playing for other clubs in England. But, you never know if the club prefers to sell me.”

The rumours are that Man City are being asked to up their bid to over £20 milllion.  Craig Bellamy – with Agger, one of the Reds’ best performers last season – is apparently nearing a move back to Cardiff.  If the Welsh striker were to leave, that would mean Kuyt, Maxi and Bellamy would all have made their exits, along with the talented (but frequently questioned) Aquilani.

They are all in their 30s, and three were/are injury prone. One (Maxi), although maybe two (Aquilani), were possibly homesick. All were on good-to-very-good wages, and while I’m sad to see most of them go, based on past performances, none represented the future of Liverpool Football Club.  If this is to be a well-run club, sentiment has to be sent out the window.  That’s a hard thing to learn as a fan, as our whole raison d’être is to be emotionally invested.

With Agger, however, I find it hard to think in a dispassionate way.  He’s one of my favourite players right now, in that he combines unusually high technical ability for his playing position with a steeliness and determination to succeed: the quintessential iron fist in a velvet glove. In theory, he is the perfect Brendan Rodgers’ player, who can shape games from the back.

The excellent news is that Luis Suarez has signed a new contract.  He’s Liverpool’s most penetrating attacker, and also an incredibly hard worker.  In theory he should dovetail nicely with Borini, who shares that feverish work-rate – essential for a high-pressing game – but of course, Andy Carroll has become another player who may be surplus to requirements.  How many players can the Reds afford to lose this summer without leaving too big a hole?  Too much upheaval can lead to unfamiliarity when the season kicks off.

I wouldn’t say I’m totally convinced by Carroll, but I do believe that there’s an excellent centre-forward in there somewhere; and he’s certainly had a great summer.  But if he doesn’t fit Rodgers’ system and/or he’s unhappy at the club, then recouping around £20m wouldn’t be a bad move.


Do you think its a good move by Rodgers to offer Charlie Adam for Clint Dempsey? Can Adam adapt to the Tiki Taka style if given a chance? Or do we now have too many midfielders after the arrival of Joe Allen?

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