What a mixed start to the season Liverpool have had so far – both on and off the pitch.

We lost some key players over the summer and whilst Glen Johnson has come in and done well he obviously needs a little more time to settle.  Gerrard hasn’t quite been on full blast yet, and Lucas again is someone who is still growing into his role.

I don’t think it’s helped that there is no sense of direction in the leadership of the club – various people have expressed an interest in buying some of the club, and the new stadium seems to have been riddled with problems.  All we can hope is that our new sponsorship deal with Standard Chartered bank gains us a stash load of money otherwise we’re going to struggle to compete with the Manchester teams and Chelsea.

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0 thoughts on “Liverpool beat Chelsea – can they win the league?”

  1. You know i really think this could be Liverpool’s year. They played brilliantly on Sunday (apart from Keane) but have been no better than average in the other games I’ve seen – yet they’re still top!

    With Keane not firing on all cylinders and Torres still out of action, the goals are still coming. It’s really looking very promising…

  2. Yeah if we can keep going past Christmas we really have a chance. Arsenal are out of it after their dismal result against Spurs of all teams. Man Utd seem to be stepping it up, but aren’t quite there. Chelsea are still there but we beat them and that’s all it needs for us to win the league.

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