This has been a season that Liverpool will want to forget quickly.  It was clear a number of months ago that this was going to be a poor season: we had some of the biggest debt, the smallest transfer budget, and all kinds of rumours and problems with the rumours.  Benitez has at times had good chunks of money to spend on improving the squad, but with the situation we’re in at the moment, it’s clear that changing manager isn’t likely to change our position or situation.  It’s much more to do with needing a change in owners.

Without this change in ownership I worry about how likely we are to hold on to Torres and Gerrard who are losing out on top quality Champions League football and the prospect of great new recruits.  With a net spend of something under £2 million it’s no wonder when we were hit by injuries this season that we couldn’t put out competitive teams, but that frustrates our top players.  We’re in need of at least one defender, one winger, and most definitely a top notch striker – that must be Benitez’s priorities this summer.

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