Wow – how rubbish have I been at blogging.

Lots to catch up on. I have had a section of time off today. Because I am having to work every Saturday (my normal day off) throughout November I am taking Monday’s off. Today I had a great lie in, following a late night last night. I got up and have spent most of the day trying to clean the house and get all those little jobs done that never get done. There is still a lot left to do – all the floors need a good clean and the filing needs doing but I managed to get a lot tidied up.

Yesterday was a great day. In the morning we had a confirmation service for two of our young people (big up to Laura and Anthony!). I always love those type of services. My church is slightly strange in that because it is a Union Church it practices both infant baptism and confirmation but also adult baptism by full immersion. While it can be quite funny as to how people understand those practices it doesn’t seem to cause any issues. Hannah and I had a great lunch at Anthony’s afterwards – big thanks to Ray and Julie.

In the evening we had Doubt your Doubts, the monthly town-wide youth service, organised by Junction 28, the inter-church, inter-denominational town-wide group of youth workers. This month and last month I have been preaching on the importance of not letting our excuses get in the way of God’s work in our lives. Last month we looked at what happens when our excuse gets in the way, and then specifically the excuse of being too young to do anything. This month we looked at the parable of talents and how we shouldn’t use the excuses of being afraid or saying we can’t do anything.

Junction 28 also had our team meeting at the weekend – we spent most of the time looking at stuff for the YFriday gig on Saturday November 25th. If you want to come, but haven’t got tickets, get on and download a booking form, fill it in, and send it back to us with some money.

At the end of the last week David, the minister of the church where I work, and my father-in-law sent me an email to tell me he had started blogging. Go check it out .

Anyhow better go – tonight we are taking two of our youth groups to Rayleigh Megazone for a night of laser quest – always a good night!

Married to the amazing Sarah and raising Jakey, Daniel, Amelia, Josh & Jonah in our blended family. Passionate for Jesus, social work & sport.

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