Rob Bell spoke on imagery from Ephesus – we didn’t seem to do that much with the Luke passage! The idea that there may only be a few Christians in an area and that the rest of the area is quite non-Christian. Paul just hikes in and does it – no budgets, no film clips, no fancy advertising. Paul manages to cause a riot, and Gaius and Aristarchus (probably aged 15-20) end up standing in a theatre of 25,000 people shouting for their death. Yet Paul wants to appear before the crowd! Paul has a story he is dying to say – what is our theatre, our Ephesus.

As soon as the riot is over Paul moves on. He leaves because his disciples have been trained – they handled a riot of 25,000 people. Who are our disciples, who are we giving some ministry responsibility to?

The leaders of the province worship Artemis but they want to protect Paul! Who are those in our area who are our friends but hate our faith. Paul must have held his tongue on certain things, e.g. statues, to build a friendship that is incredibly important in the long run.

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  1. Hi Chris! Ed passed your blog to me thinking I might be able to offer some ideas…

    I’ve used the slogan from the ‘No Fear’ surf t-shirts before, which says ‘He who dies with the most toys still dies’ and used this alongside Matthew 16:26. Asking questions like ‘How much are you worth?’ You can figure it out in monetary value in terms of athletic ability, education level, income, amount of exercise, weight, and sense of humor at Or what about today’s news headline about how much people think Beckham’s worth in LA? Is he really worth all that money? All this may help you talk about what’s really valuable and lasts beyond death. Jesus gave his life so that we could live life fully and forever etc.

    Hope that helps. Have fun!

    Also if you want you could check out my myspace page for more resources!


  2. Hey Dave

    Thanks for those thoughts. Had a quick look at your myspace – I am sure I will be emailing you for some of your resources. How is stuff going with handmade?


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