This session was an okay session, but not the normal inspiring end of conference round up that you normally got. Danielle Strickland was preaching and spent a lot of time on personal stories from her life and how they illustrate how we get alongside people. They were helpful stories and anecdotes but I would have been interested to see more linkage with the Bible passage – maybe I am just getting old-fashioned!

One of her main points was that we are most like the Pharisees – we concentrate on looking good on the outside, we bend scriptures to suit us, change our strategy, we box people, and we judge others.

The other key point is that a individual should motivate us in our work – and the key question is ‘What will you do with the King of Israel?’. It was a good talk, but not one I will remember, and maybe that isn’t really Danielle’s fault – the combination of the Early Day and the first two main sessions – Rob Bell and Andy Hickford – meant that we had already heard some amazing preaching – stuff that normally would have been at the end of the conference.

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